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I started climbing indoors in may 2001. First indoors, but since spring 2002 I earned my certificate for climbing outside. In May 2002 Bart and I were in the Czech Republic and that was our first experience with real rock climbing. Unfortunately we hadn't brought our special shoes with us, so our hikingboots had to do. Below are thumbnails, if you click on one, a larger picture will show (approx. 60 Kb)

me, inside (climbng hall 'De Fabriek', Schiedam Bart with his rope neatly folded on his back. So proud... :-) Look at all the stuff!!
me, abseiling from the top of Monte Cervino (32 mtr) Under the watchful eyes of our teacher, I secure Sian from above level idem
Bart and me, in Czech republic, trying to climb nicely with our damned hiking boots Me, pre-climing on Monte Cervino I made it!
me and Bart securing me Again, me pre-climbing