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My name is Mignon and I was put on this world in 1973, a very good year :-)
I live in the Netherlands, in Schiedam, with Bart.

You will get a pretty good impression of my hobbies by surfing through these pages, so I won't spend too much time now explaining them. Beside these hobbies, I like to go to the theatre (usually comedy like: stand-up comedy) and I just love to skate. The Netherlands are pretty flat, so you have the opportunity to make real long treks, without being exhausted by steep hills.
I also like to sport (fitness and rock-climbing) in order to keep fit.
Since a while I am into wines: twice a year I go to a wine-tasting in my hometown and on our holidays we always go on a wine-exploration. The local wines, cheeses and bread are always fun to taste and to find.

Other keywords: mountain-walking, (rock)climbing, the game Settlers (Dutch: Kolonisten), vegetarian, health, travelling, sun & summer!


After my graduation I worked in a library, but since 1998 I became a application-developer. For a living I work as a Consultant at an IT-company (Promax). I used to develop websites and webapplications myself for the past 3 years, but nowadays I advice other companies about IT-things, primary about Workflow, business-applications etc: all based on Lotus-Notes technology. (Certified with: CLP 4.6, CLP 5, CLP 6, CLS Workflow)

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