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'Havock Junction' by Joe Donnelly (London, Century, 1995 ISBN:0-7126-5871-8)

Yes, a horror story this time folks! And, as with many horror stories, it is sometimes far-fetched, but you have to overlook that otherwise you will spoil it for yourself. Sometimes it is interesting to examine how far your imagination can go, led by the images the writer sketches for you.
This doesn't mean you have to take everything for granted ofcourse, because there can be incorrect passages in a story, as is the case with this book.

First of all, the author makes a mistake in the course of time. In the town of the main character, Patsy Havelin, a group of gypsies assembles and her husband Paul ( a real basterd he is) is drawn to this obscure group, especially a woman Kerron Vaunche, the leading person.
Her dear husband vanishes with the group and Patsy is alone with her 2 children: Judith and Peter. Two years after the incident, het kids are taken from her by that same gypsy woman and it says:"Patsy didn't see them again for more than a year." She, along with some guys, rescues the children, but the writer explains that this Kerron intends to use the children for a rite on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year (=Dec. 21th)!! So how can that be?
Second mistake are a couple of small ones (e.g. Patsy never takes a pee in the whole 6 days!), it seems that the author simply forgets them!

The book starts when Patsy just rescued her kids, and they are on the 'Ley Roads' or the road to hell (at the end they can actually see the Maw to Hell) and her history enfolds itself with flashbacks.
She has been cursed by the gypsy woman and she is sent by her on this road where strange things happen... The best (and most important)part is this damned road. The events are breathtaking, esp. the black trucks chasing Patsy! On a scale from 1 to 10, a 7.