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'My Soul To Keep' by Tananarive Due (New York, Harper Collins, 1997, ISBN 0-06-018742-5)

Jessica Wolde is married to a somewhat strange man, although she isn't aware of that. Her husband, David, is a respectable professor Spanish at the university, is very intelligent and has a remarkable knowledge of history. Well, that can happen of course. But, he also heals very quickly and one day another strange man appears...
For people who have seen the movie 'Highlander' (with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert), these facts must ring a bell. And this is exactly what this book is all about: an immortal man. The minor problem however is that David must keep this fact a secret and this results in some people living a much shorter life that expected. Just as in 'Highlander' a whole group of other immortals exists. In this book however the group has strict rules and the members must obey them. One of the rules is not to interfere too much with mortals; so David with his wife, child, cat and dog isn't quite the appropriate member, and that's where the trouble comes from.

The novel is nicely written and Due knows how to keep your attention. The book is never boring, is logical and it hasn't a happy ending (thank god). I like this one!