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'Outside the Rules' by Dylan Jones (London, Century, 1994)

Dylan Jones is a new author, has only written 2 books as far as I know. This one is his second and it has all the ingredients to be a real scary thriller. First there is a serial killer (who is nicknamed The Carpenter), whose target is a special kind of women. He has a very cruel way to end their lives, but as the story continues you can understand why he is the way he is. Secondly there is a desperate policeman who really wants to catch this bad guy and seeks help from a psychiatrist, dr. Nathalie Vine. Thirdly there is one survivor and he is the only one who witnessed a killing of The Carpenter. Before his own eyes he was forced to see how his girlfriend was killed. He hasn't spoken about it and it is the task of dr. Vine to let him reveal about it, so the police can get more clues. There is only one small inconvenience: the killer wears a hood, so they don't know who they are after...and he is soooo sly. These are the main storylines, but the book gives you so much more, e.g. a nice writingstyle, a logical sequence of events and elaborated characters. I give it, on a scale of 1 to 10, an 8.