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'Close to the Bone' by Mark Morris (London, Piatkus, 1995 ISBN: 0-7499-0277-9)

Sometimes I don't like the prospect of reading just another 'one-of-those-books'. On those occasions I read short stories, because they are a total different genre and you can read precisely one or two stories at night before you go to sleep.
Close to the Bone contains several short stories by one writer and they are based on horror and SF.

Of course, not every story is good, but there are several which are really nice: for instance 'Birthday': a boy becomes trapped in a glass cupboard, standing in the middle of a path in a park. Once inside, nobody can see him or this cupboard.
Or the last story: 'The Chiseller's Reunion'. If you have seen the movie 'Sometimes They Come Back', you know the most part of this one.

Sometimes though I am not pleased with how some stories end. They leave you with too many questions or you have the feeling 'So? What is the point?'.
In short, you must decide for yourself if you want to read this one!