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'Feet of Clay' by Terry Pratchet (London, 1996)

Yet another book in the now well known series of the Discworld and my first fear was that it would be too much of the same by now. Writing so much books with basically the same kind of humor, writing style and characters and still produce a creative and funny work, is hard for a writer I guess. But I think Pratchett has done a great job, creating a story just as funny as the earlier ones.

The place is Ankh-Morpork and a murder has been committed, but by whom? This, ofcourse, is a task for the Watch and its members (especially Vimes) take this very seriously. The plot contains vampires, open skulls with scrolls in them and deadly poison.

Pratchett introduces a new race besides trolls, werewolves e.g.: golems. They are made of clay and must do the dangerous and dull work men won't do. They play a pretty important role in this story, especially one among them...

I really like this book: it has a good plot, Death (my most favourite character) is even present, it is nice that it has for once no wizards or witches in it and it gives you a good laugh!