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'Backwards' by Rob Grant (London, Viking, 1996) Red Dwarf-series

Yep, the same as the television series. And this book describes the whole fourth series of Red Dwarf and I think that is one of the best so far.

As the title beautifully explains, everything is going backwards which leads to many hilarious situations. The whole crew is attempting to get off it as quickly as possible and to go looking for the mothership Red Dwarf (and Holly, the board-computer). Meanwhile they are chased by aganoids, robots which main purpose is to seek and destroy humans (sorry Lister...), they encounter the Four Horsemen in a Wild West environment and they must free Kryten of a virus.

Because this book (and all the others by Grant and Naylor) is so close related to the television series, I think it is only appreciated by the fans. Of course, you can read it while you have never seen it on TV in your whole life, but I think the book is much more fun when you know how the characters look like and normally behave. But..what does stop you to become a fan?