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Since a while I am interested in photography as well. I have a weak spot for black&white photos and landscape-pictures. I have a Minolta-reflexcamera with a zoom lens and a normal lens. Although I make a lot of pictures in my holidays, only a small amount of them are worthwile. I collected the most beautiful pictures for this homepage.
Below are thumbnails, if you click on one, a larger picture will show (approx. 60 Kb)

cloister near Assisi (Italy) Barcelona (Spain) Chapel on Andros (Greece)
Rock-landscape on Tinos (Greece)   plateau in Umbrië(Italy)

Wales Front of a house in France (Auvergne) tree (France)
artwork in museum Kröller Müller (Netherlands) Snowdon in Wales Coastline (Scotland)
Front of a house in Italy (Umbrië) mountain peaks (France/Auvergne) square in Venice (Italy)
casa mila in Barcelona (Spain) Lucca (Italy/Toscane) stones in a river (Wales)