A dodecaëder is one of the five mathfigures. Escher, a famous graphic artist, used math in his work. I think most people know him by his work in which fish become reptiles, angels turn into devils etc.

My mother gave me a Escherbook with paper models in it to construct yourself. It is from this book that I took the dodecaëder. I traced off the original drawing on a piece of paper and traced that one on a piece of cardboard. Then I put the figure together. I did the same with one fish. This fish I used for making the other fishes. I then secured the fishes on the cardboard figure and baked it in the oven. Finally I painted it and I used little beads as eyes.

Because I wanted it to stand firmly I couldn't use fins on the bottom fishes. But just the bottom fishes without fins didn't look good. So the idea occured to me to gradually shape the fishes: the bottom ones are very vague: no eyes, no detailed fins, no backfins, and a soft colour. Gradually the fishes get more details and the upper ones have it all: also a darker colour.

I gave this piece to my mother for her birthday and she put it in an easy-to-see place.